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Has your medical provider recommended a sleep study for you? Now you can have it done at your home-town hospital in Leadville.

St. Vincent Health has partnered with Mobile Sleep Services, Inc. to offer sleep studies in Leadville. Sleep study results are the most accurate when they are performed at the altitude where the patient lives.

Your provider can order your study at SVH by using this order form. 

We spend about 1/3 of our life in sleep. Most people, including those who work in the medical field, either forget this fact or don’t really think about it. The sleep study is one of the few diagnostic tests in the medical field that looks at and compares several different parameters at one time: airflow, respiratory effort, oxygen level, heart activity, muscle activity, and snoring. This is also one of the few tests that last 6 – 8 hours where you are being monitored by a trained technician. In our case, the technician is at least credentialed as a Respiratory Therapist who has been trained to perform sleep studies.

The sleep study consists of evaluating the parameters above, finding out where the problem(s) lie, and treating these problems. There is a good possibility that you won’t feel you slept well the night of your sleep study, due to all the electrodes, wires, strange surroundings, and so on. However, there is usually more than enough sleep to determine your problem, but on occasion, a second sleep study may be necessary.