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Looking toward the future, St. Vincent General Hospital District has embraced the concept of a health campus where specialists, primary care, Lake County Public Health Agency, and other health-related offices reside in the old hospital building and synergistically complement services in the adjacent, new hospital facility.

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The Artists of St. Vincent Health

The Colorado high country, and Lake County in particular, inspire remarkable creative expression. We’re proud to share the works of talented local and regional artists, in our facilities, several of whom are esteemed employees of St. Vincent Health. From hobbyists to professional artists, the works you see on our walls and in our halls are all created by these local and regional photographers, painters and crafters.

Andrew Baggot, Photographer

Andrew Baggott

Lake County

Andrew Baggot is a St. Vincent Health team member, whose favorite medium is digital photography. His favorite subject to photograph are the magnificent landscapes of the Colorado high country.

He grew up on the Ivory Coast, or the Côte dIvoire, West Africa. “I moved to the US when I was a teenager, and I’ve been exploring the country’s gorgeous scenery ever since,” says Andrew. “In my free time I enjoy almost any outdoor activity Colorado has to offer. Find me at the campsite, on the mountain bike trail, by the lake or at the mountain summit.”

Lisa Dowdney, Crafter

Lisa Dowdney


Lisa Dowdney identifies herself as a crafter, versus an artist. But regardless of the moniker, she is a prolific creator of artworks and handicrafts (Ceramics, stained glass, felting, and knitted works).

“I love learning new crafts and pursuing where they might take me,” she says. “I’m always willing to take classes to learn new things. Just recently I participated in a watercolor workshop at the Mining Hall of Fame. With arts and crafts there are always endless possibilities.”

Linda Duthie, Painter

Linda Duthie

Lake County

Canadian-born artist Linda Duthie is a prolific painter of mountain, floral and southwest landscapes and scenes with a broad range. She’s been an artist since her teens. And since the 90s, she’s been creating art in Colorado, settling in Lake County, a place she finds rich in inspiration.

She studied in the University of Southern Alberta and also had the opportunity to learn from Canadian watercolorists Marcille Campbell and Treva Burton in her early career. From there she branched out to a studio gallery in British Columbia. Linda has also taught art, in a studio gallery in Denver. Her works are in private collections around the world, including the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

She welcomes private commissions and her work can be found with a search of Duthie Art on Facebook. Contact Linda at, with ART in the subject line.

Bailey Frykholm, Painter

Bailey Frykholm

Lake County

Bailey Frykholm is an EMT, surgical tech and surgical assistant at St. Vincent Health. She’s also an adept watercolor painter.

“At St. Vincent, my days can range anywhere from being a patient care tech in the ER or acute care unit performing vitals, starting IVs, doing CPR, to spending my day in the operating room setting up for surgery and assisting the surgeon during procedures,” she says. “When I am not in the hospital or my studio, I love to hike and spend time with my husband and family. Painting is one of my favorite ways to connect to the places I love.”

The Winter on Elbert painting is inspired by Bailey’s favorite view. “I love watching snow fall over the mountains and waking up to dusted trees. I am born and raised in Colorado with a deep love for the outdoors.”

Yvette Gaines Gagnet, Oil Painter

Yvette Gaines Gagnet

Twin Lakes, CO & Louisiana

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Yvette began painting at age 12. She studied art at Louisiana State University in the 1950’s where among her teachers were Louis Gugliemlmi and Rawlston Crawford.

In 1976 she studied stained glass  design and became a commercial stained glass artist with her works displayed throughout Louisiana.

After retirement Yvette and her husband moved to Twin Lakes where she returned to her first love of oil painting. She paints the light effects, flora and fauna of all the seasons.




Jeremiah Grantham, Photographer

Jeremiah Grantham, NRP

Lake County

Paramedic Jeremiah Grantham leads the team prepared to respond to 911 calls and emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the 400-square-mile Lake County service area. In his leisure time, he indulges his passion for photography, something he’s enjoyed since childhood. He was gifted old camera equipment from his father and grandfather and has been an active photography hobbyist ever since.

“Being able to capture a unique moment in time has always fascinated me. Moving to Colorado with it’s incredible landscapes, abundant wildlife, and ever-present adventures has only solidified my love of photographing everywhere I go,” says Jeremiah. “I have no plans to put down the camera anytime soon.”

See his work and get in touch at his website.

Sandra Halverstadt, Painter

Sandra Halverstadt

Leadville, CO

Sandra has lived in Leadville, CO, with her husband, Dale, for the past 31 years.  Her pastel paintings represent the beauty and awesomeness of the gorgeous mountain landscapes of the Continental Divide.

While recovering from a serious illness and injury in the late 1990’s, Sandra became interested in painting. Wheelchair bound and weak for many years, she watched Helen Van Wyk’s fine art painting videos, over and over again.  In 2002, she became strong enough to hold a paint brush and endeavored to learn everything she could about painting in various mediums.

In 2018, Sandra was awarded First Place in the Presbyterian Manor’s “Ageless Art” competition for artists over 60 years of age in Winfield Kansas.

Kay Hartzell, Painter

Kay Hartzell

Lake County

Kay Hartzell moved to Leadville in 1963 with her parents and siblings. While accumulating credits to graduate from Lake County High School in 1969, she took art classes from Sylvia Stoner. “She was a wonderful art teacher, and my first art mentor,” she says.

Subsequent to her art foundation-building in high school, she credits the following people for helping her spread her artistic wings: Larry Bamford, Ursula Gilgulin and Lisa Starr.

“Letting colors flow from my brush, with a tip of my hat to Mother Nature, make me a happy artist,” she says. “And I extend my thanks to Saint Vincent Health for the opportunity to contribute to this new, beautiful, and functional hospital with my wishes for a healthy future.”

Kay’s art is available locally at Harperrose Studios Gallery in Leadville.

Kelsey Kuehn, Photographer

Kelsey Kuehn

Buena Vista

Kelsey Kuehn is a doctor of physical therapy at St. Vincent Health. As a self-taught photographer, she strives to use the tool of the camera to create stunning photographs. She looks at it as a challenge to capture the beauty of the landscape—without relying on editing software.

“My camera travels everywhere I go. Backpacking, hiking and driving in scenic locations,” says Kelsey. “I was made for adventure and my camera is my ever-present companion.”

Her work is available at

Ava Lanes, Photographer

Ava Lanes

Parachute/ Twin Lakes

Photographer Ava Lanes grew up in a small town in western North Dakota. Her love for photography has always been a part of her life and her work.

Now her home state is Colorado, and most of Ava’s photography features Colorado landscapes. However, she has recently broadened her skills beyond landscape photography and her scope now includes birds and wildlife, doors and windows, benches, flowers, humankind, roads and pathways, macro views, seascapes and cityscapes, the simplicity of still life scenes, and more.

Ava’s photographs have been recognized in several juried art shows throughout the states of Colorado, North Dakota, Utah, and Arizona. She has been featured in Birds & Blooms magazine several times.  Her work is on display and can be purchased locally at Shooting Star Gallery in Twin Lakes.

Stephanie McElhinney, Photographer

Stephanie McElhinney

Lake County

Stephanie McElhinney is originally from eastern Washington and moved to Colorado in 2018. She has a personal passion for photography and continues to teach herself more about the medium. “I love to take landscape photographs,” she says. “The beautiful area we live in has given me an amazing opportunity to capture meaningful images.”

Get in touch at

Ken McGowan, Painter & Pastels

Ken McGowan

Ken is a fourth generation resident of Leadville. Art has always been a central focus in Ken’s life. He paints and draws, gives lessons, and does murals and commissions. He’s interested in a broad range of styles: realism, surrealism, light and symbolic energy.

Ken is educated and trained in fine art, earning his bachelor’s from the University of Colorado, then a master’s in special education from the University of Northern Colorado. Ken taught for 35 years, and many of his former students have pursued art careers including graphic arts and art education. “When I create art, I see myself as a filter through which ideas travel,” says Ken. He holds membership in the Colorado Watercolor Society and the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society. Now, he lives in Canon City with his wife Monica and cat Moki. Ken’s artwork is for sale at the Artists’ Gallery in Cañon City, and at

Steve Mercado, Painter

Steve Mercado


Steve Mercado is the director of the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation. Born in Steamboat Springs, he and his family moved to Leadville in the early 60’s.

Steve found his creativity at a very young age, he began sketching, molding clay and helping his mother with art & crafts.  Steve began learning other styles and methods in junior high school; his favorite subjects became scenery, mountains, flowers, and animals. In high school he was inspired to continue in art class; his teacher Ken McGowan became his biggest influence and helped fine tune his skills.

In Steve’s free time you’ll likely find him enjoying the outdoors, playing guitar, painting, helping the elderly, cooking or spending time with his friends and family.


Lexie Palmore, Painter

Lexi Palmore

Leadville, CO

Lexie Palmore and her husband, Jim McMillen live in Leadville, Colorado. Lexie has been a master riverboat pilot on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers and a paddlewheel steamboat guide. For the past 40 years, she has interwoven two careers, one marine and the other art.

Lexie demonstrated a talent for drawing at an early age and pursued a formal art education, graduating the Stephen F. Austin University with a Master’s Degree in art. After leaving the riverboat 1984, she began to work full time in the art field for commission. She has completed numerous murals for homes, restaurants, churches, casinos, and museums. Including the murals on Harrison Avenue in Leadville, CO -and now at St. Vincent Health.

In 2009, Lexie and Jim moved to the Rocky Mountains and a cooler climate; in spite of the 10,000 foot altitude, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and swimming.

Shelby Phillips & Robert Chase, Photographers

Shelby Phillips & Robert Chase

Lake County

Shelby and Robert are local photographers who grew up in the area and have always loved the outdoors. Shelby has always been one to help others with
her gift of photography, with projects like senior portfolios for local students. She has always had a heart for her community, and that shows through her work.

She and Robert Chase met in 2015 and now they’re partners in love, life and photography. They enjoy being outdoors and being with family. They’re always
keen for a new adventure, and they flip a coin to see who gets the camera on a given day.

Contact Shelby and Robert at

Marley Seifert, Painter

Marley Seifert


Art and outdoors are dual passions for Marley Seifert. This prolific artist grew up in Canon City and took every art class available to her all through high school. She then attended Colorado Mountain College Timberline Campus, where she earned her outdoor recreation degree. Now, she’s married up her two callings and is a full-time artist who finds inspiration in the Colorado mountains. She has artworks that are utilitarian, in the form of her Free Range Packs and Roam Wallets, and also designs prints, stickers, cards and even ornaments.

“Art is an incredible thing that we are all connected to, and that surrounds us every single day,” says Marley. “It can take us to a moment that gives you a feeling or a memory. I want to capture those moments we have all experienced, whether it’s an unforgettable mountain bike ride, camping under the stars, or watching the first light of the morning hit the mountains.”

Marley’s art is available for purchase online at, or locally at Harperrose Studios Gallery.

Lisa Starr, Multiple Mediums

Lisa Starr

Leadville, CO

Lisa’s bio is coming soon!

Jeanne Stevens, Photographer

Jeanne Stevens

Twin Lakes

Growing up, Jeanne Stevens always had a love for photography. In fact, she was both the editor and photographer for her college yearbook. As a self-taught photographer, her trips around the country in a pop-up camper with her family in the 70s and 80s were her classroom, while she documented the best of times through the lens of her camera.

She credits her gift of seeing the beauty in nature and framing the photos. “No matter what, I always find happiness just being in nature because I love the outdoors and the simplicity of wild animals.”

Jeanne’s photos are on sale locally in Twin Lakes at Shooting Star Gallery.

Steve Sunday, Photographer

Steve Sunday


Steve’s passion for wilderness and photography started to develop when he was in high school, living in Bailey, Colorado. Often Steve would take solo backpacking trips on the weekends. After graduating high school, Steve enlisted in the U.S. Navy to attend the Navy’s school of photography. Upon graduating, he took first place in the school’s photo contest and photographed for the Navy for 6 years. After finishing several tours he quickly got back to the wilderness.  He moved to Leadville to attend Colorado Mountain College and spent the next two summers as a caretaker at Little Rock Pond on the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. In Steve’s own words, “Where some people see restrictions, I see a chance to experience nature in its purest, most primeval form.” In 1995 Steve and his wife, Elise moved to Leadville and have lived there since. For them, Leadville is a perfect blend of civilization and wilderness and a beautiful place to live.


Justin Talbot, Photographer

Justin Talbot

Lake County

Photographer Justin Talbot specializes in capturing images of the wild people and places of Leadville. He has photographed and written adventure guidebooks for many of the quiet corners of the Lake County high country. His images are available for purchase online at or find them locally at Harperrose Studios and the City on a Hill coffee shop.

Kelsey Tull, Photographer

Kelsey Tull


“Capturing life in every precious and fleeting moment is what I’m truly passionate about. Whether it’s landscape, wildlife, portrait, engagement, senior, newborn, family, or lifestyle photography; I want to be there for your special moments,” she says. “I strive to create a body of work that can be passed on and enjoyed through generations.”

Contact Kelsey through Facebook.

Stephanie Wagner, Photographer

Stephanie Wagner

Lake County

Stephanie Wagner has been a resident of Lake County since 1998. A contributing photographer for the Herald Democrat newspaper and Arkansas Valley Publishing Company since 2012, she is the recipient of three Colorado Press Association awards for feature photography.

She became interested in photography while attending the School of the Arts in Rochester, New York, and continued taking and processing photos throughout college, and beyond. Stephanie currently lives in southern Lake County with her partner, Jeff, and their two dogs. She enjoys the Colorado lifestyle in her leisure time, and skiing, kayaking and gardening.

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